It never rains ……

 It never rains ……  Simon and Andy from RPS spent two long days getting the engine from the Sedan into Benson (Rally Car) and eventually got it started last night only to discover that it will only run on four cylinders, zero compression in cylinder No 4 and major amounts of oil in the combustion chambers with lots of exhaust gas entering the crankcase/sump area past the piston rings – in short it’s a dog and useless. The plan now is to leave this useless lump in the car as the weight of the engine releases the brakes and the car can be moved easily. Donald and Derek at Grove Body Repair will finish spraying and rebuild the car up to the firewall. The car will then be transported down to Yeovil to Larry Piper who is making a new hood and a set of side screens. Thanks to a fellow 29 Buick owner in Finland, Stig Fagerstedt, I have a set of original 1929 side screens that he has lent us to use as a pattern. We’ve been promised that the hood and screens will be finished by 3rd July, by which time, fingers crossed, the “works” engine will have been finished by Autosportif …..

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