Autosportif Visit

Autosportif Visit     Driving South from Manchester I decided to spring a surprise visit on Autosportif, who are rebuilding the engine. I have spoken to both Paul and Howard several times on the phone, pestering them for a delivery date, but their hands have been somewhat tied by the protracted lead time and late delivery of the con rods from a sub contractor. Autosportif’s main business is preparing and rebuilding WRC Subarus and there are Subaru engines and gearboxes all over their workshop – Howard pointed out a 2003 Prodrive gearbox that is still worth around £30,000, this puts the cost of rebuilding our engine in context. I had a good nose round the workshop and was shown the dyno they use to run in and map engines, the workshop has a real mix of cars that they are working on, WRC Subarus, a Mustang and a Chevrolet Fangio Coupe that they are turning into a replica of the Fangio rally car with cut off wings and sailcloth boot lid. It was great to meet Paul and Howard and I am now very confident that the engine is in the hands of experts who clearly know what they’re doing. Howard found some of the original engine colour under the black paint and has repainted the engine the “correct” colour – a fetching shade of peppermint green ! The now infamous con rods are finished and will be delivered to Autosportif tomorrow, the crank and flywheel come back from balancing on Monday and Howard seemed confident that the engine will be finished by next Friday !

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