Engine Fired Up !

Engine Fired Up !     After numerous last minute delays, midweek the engine was declared finished ! Neil from RPS collected it from Autosportif and he and Andy spent a couple of days squeezing it back into the body. This is a painful job, as the steering column is in the way and lining up with the gearbox is tricky. Friday lunchtime I get a call from Andy, telling me to get in the car and get up there quickly if I wanted to be there and see the engne start for the first time. I got there just in time to see the plugs go in and the HT leads get connected. Neil took up position over the carb and Andy stretching a leg across from the drivers door to the starter pedal on the floor. Engine fired first time ! It took a few attempts and some adjustments to the timing and then on the fifth attempt fired up and ran like a dream. This brought a big smile to my face, this is a significant step towards getting the car back on the road. The plan now is to refit the front wings, bonnet and bumper early next week and then the car will be driven back to the RPS workshop in Standlake for the rewire, new instruments, rally computer etc. The car should be ready to collect and drive away towards the end of August.

Video of above posted on You Tube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhZmpPXjKoY

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