The Big Day – First Drive

The Big Day – First Drive     Got to work very early and got a couple of hours work done. Then discovered at 9am that the passenger seat that was being recovered in leather at Larry Pipers had not been collected by DHL the previous afternoon, so this meant that Julie could not come and collect the car – understandably she was rather upset. So we agreed that I would go and get the car and she would get a train down to Somerset, we’d meet at Pipers, fit the seat and then drive back to London. After a long and painful train/taxi ride I got to RPS, they were still finishing a couple of final bits and pieces. At around 2pm I drove off with a big smile on my face thanks to Bill for shepherding me for the first few miles. Unfortunately, I soon hit Bank Holiday traffic on the A34, then lost a precious “1929 Buick” cap to the wind and ended up scratching the lovely new paint job when I was putting the roof back up (it was being blown all over the place)

I soon gave up on the idea of getting to Somerset to meet Julie at Pipers – change of plan, I went to Chris’s house near Whitchurch and Julie jumped in a very expensive taxi from Pipers to Chris’s house with the passenger seat in the boot of the taxi. Chris is doing P to P in a Model A so he was suitably impressed with the shiny “new” Benson. Chris and I cobbled together an extra spring on the throttle linkage that was sticking open slightly and when Julie eventually arrived we bolted in her seat and drove back to London, where we stuck the car in the warehouse overnight.

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