Running In

Running In     Solid day in the workshop on Saturday – finishing and fitting the locker covers, finished fitting the new supports for the brackets to support the roof when down and test fitted the roof cover. Finally a quick adjustment to the brakes and the clutch. Sunday morning we headed off to the Cotswolds to try and get some miles on the new engine, Autosportif said we needed to run it in for 500 miles – so the Bank Holiday weekend was all about doing some distance. The car drives well, sounds very “breathy” at higher revs – you can really hear it sucking air into the carb – hopefully this will reduce with the new air filter that’s on order as we can hardly hear each other. He will sit comfortably at an indicated 80kph and pulls like a train up hills in  third.

We had one moment when we smelt the dreaded smell of burning oil after a long downhill bit of braking – a look out at the rear brakes and we saw a few wisps of smoke – a horrible sight given the problem with the oil seal failing last autumn and oil covering the rear brakes. Anyway, it seemed to subside and we soon arrived at our overnight stay and parked for the night.

In the morning I did a few chores, a good look at the rear wheel rims showed a few spots of oil, so I cleaned them off completely so that we could see if more oil was coming out, checked fluids and adjusted the mirrors. We then started the drive home, slightly concerned about what the day might hold – would we have the same problem with the brakes. Misplaced concerns as it proved to be a trouble free day and we made good time back to London and he even held his own for the last few miles into London on the M4. Having run the aux tank dry, we tried to program the Monit Rally Computer with the fuel calibration and just got a series of errors about possibly having the wrong sender. Having read the trouble shooting points we needed to start from scratch all over again – rather difficult when you already have 10 litres in the tank – so we will have to have another try at this when this tank next runs dry.

All in all we have competed an “indicated” 600km over the weekend. The engine ran very well – although I think that the timing now needs adjusting and the throttle needs attention as I think the extra spring stops the throttle opening fully.