Vibration Free !

Vibration Free     Today I drove the car from London to Bicester for a quick visit to Vibration Free. Steve and Alan had already balanced the crank and flywheel and this was a final check to ensure the engine was properly balanced now the clutch had been added into the equation. A cup of tea and a chat with Steve revealed the wide variety of clients that use Vibration Free; lots of vintage cars ITALA, Bugatti, Bentley etc, modern rally and F1 engines and wheels right through to the propeller hubs for Spitfires that are still flying. The check of the car was very quick and simple, a magnetic sensor was put onto the flywheel housing and hooked up to a analysis machine, we then ran the engine at various RPM to get multiple readings – this equipment is so sensitive that you can even identify the firing order on the graphical output. Ten minutes later Steve announced that with a score of just 0.4 (lower is better) Benson had passed with flying colours.

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