Brakes sorted / Road Tested

Brakes sorted / Road Tested – The original brake bands from Benson were sent to Safetek for relining and the rear brake bands that had worn so badly (from the 29-27 Sedan) have now been removed and the original relined bands fitted. RPS spent a while making sure that the clearance between drum and band was uniform and they think they have cracked the problem – I will get a full explanation and lesson on how to do this on Friday. Simon completed an 80km road test today, with no major issues, the brakes will need a tweek as the new rear linings have bedded down a bit. Importantly Benson has been “declared fit” for the Peking to Paris Training day on Sunday – this is a 60 miles run around Berkshire to familiarise ourselves with waypoint navigation on the Garmin GPS. I am not too worried about this as it can’t be that different from using a GPS when sailing, but this will all be new to Julie who is in charge of navigation !