Ready for Training Day

Ready for Training Day – Early start today to get the train to Oxford to collect Benson, Bill Hitckcock kindly collected me from the station so I saved a nasty taxi fare. Arrived at RPS late morning on what was a busy day for them with several clients collecting cars. Benson was ready to roll, with the new alternator and his original relined brake bands – big thanks to Simon and Andy for getting him finished in time for the Peking to Paris Training Day on Sunday. Drove 120km to Chris’s house in Hampshire, the car was running better than ever. It seems that the work on the brakes has made a big difference, I am sure that previously the brakes had been binding slightly. Chris and I took Benson to meet a friend for dinner, which gave us 50km of night driving in the rain, the headlights could be brighter, but are OK (170km run today)