Driving Pleasure

Driving Pleasure – Chris and I spent the morning doing various jobs on both Benson and Alice (the new name for his Model A). It was a beautiful autumn day, so I decided to go for a drive, just for the hell of it and to add some miles. I drove through Stockbridge to Salisbury along the Roman road. Ironically the roundabout where I turned around to head back was exactly where the rear oil seal failed just over a year ago, spitting oil all over the rear brake. Today Benson ran like a dream, one minor issue with fuel when I switched to the rear (original) tank, I ended up with a mouthful of unleaded resolving the problem – I had forgotten how good it tastes ! Later that afternoon Lang and Fritz, over from USA, arrived at Chris’s to stay the night before the training day. Lang and Fritz have entered a Model A in P to P and have been in touch with Chris and Mark via email. We all went out for dinner with a couple of other P to P crews, a good time had by all installing moderate hangovers for the next day. (100km run today)