2400km on the clock

2400km on the clock – With a few miles under our belts driving the car is now much less tricky. I have mastered the gear change, with the help of an old book about vintage cars that suggested that a troublesome gear change could sometimes be overcome with a very swift double declutch.Armed with this information I began experimenting and have now got it sorted ! 1st to 2nd requires a very quick double declutch and a swift gear change, 2nd to 3rd is a much more leisurely event with a good pause between double declutch and gear change. I can even change down from 3rd to 2nd without a noisy protest from the gearbox. The slow up shift from 2nd to 3rd is a bit of a problem when going uphill as the long pause means a serious loss of momentum. Speed wise the GPS indicates a top speed of 103kph, which is not very pleasant, the car sits in a groove between 84-86kph (55mph), but will bowl along at 90kph quite happily. Fuel consumption on the European trip worked out at 23.5 l/100km (10mpg) but this is probably a bit harsh given the problem with brakes binding slightly. I will take another look at this now the brakes are completely free.