Wheel Rebuild

Wheel Rebuild – Over a couple of evenings this week I took the wheel with the broken spoke off the car and rebuilt another wheel. The hub nuts on the offending wheel were not loose, but I was able to tighten them a bit. I experimented with one of the wheels from the 29-27 “parts car” and removed the hub by knocking the wooden spokes down with a rubber mallet, after about 10 minutes the hub separated from the spokes. I then numbered the spokes with a marker pen and then gently removed one of the spokes using a rubber mallet and wooden blocks to support the spokes I planned to leave on the wheel. I now had a reasonable idea of how the wheels are assembled. I then took the original wheel that I had removed from the car prior to the European trip because it had loose hub nuts. I removed the hub nuts and the hub and then knocked the hub bolts out of the wheel. Then I cut down brand new 3/8 coach bolts to the correct length and refitted the hub with “Nordlock” washers and new half nuts. I found Nordlock washers whilst trying to buy “aerotight” nuts, these washers are a very clever deisgn, a double washer with serrated ridges on the touching faces, once a nut is tightened down onto the washer the ridges stop the nut undoing. The half nuts were then fitted with a permanent “locktite” fluid – I am determined that this will be the last problem with loose hub nuts ! One of the short bolts from the oil seal flange broke on tightening and then threaded itself down through the drum as I tried to drill a hole to reverse tap it out – so the hub had to come off to retrieve the broken bit of bolt. Well, I now know how difficult it is to undo the nuts with “nordlock” washers – not easy ! I then covered the handbrake assembly with plastercine and refitted the wheel and gave it a good spin and removed the wheel, no marks in the plastercine meant that the hub nuts that stick out further than the originals were not going to touch the handbrake assembly.