Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver – In the quest to tick up the miles I have been trying to get out every weekend – this weekend was a gentle trip through Kent to Whitstable on the East coast. This was the first run with the rebuilt wheel, so I stopped quite frequently for the first few km to check all was still tight. I was also stopping every 10km to take the temperature of the brake drums with an infra red thermometer, to try and make sure that the linings were not binding at all. As I got 20km from London I drove into a very thick bank of mist, I went to turn on the windscreen wiper and nothing happened. So I stopped to investigate the wiper as driving without it was tricky, 10 minutes with a multimeter resolved the problem, I also adjusted the brakes on the refitted wheel as it was not doing a lot under braking. The day ended with 240km covered in about 6 hours, which gives a rather poor average of 40kph and that’s on good roads, makes some of the Peking to Paris days look very tough indeed !