Reworked Filler for Aux Tank

Reworked Filler for Aux Tank – The Aux tank was originally designed to go at the back of the locker, where the seat of the rear seat would be. But during the rebuild it was decided that for weight reasons it would be better to put the 80 litre Aux tank behind the front seats, but this meant that the filler was awkward, did not work well and took an eternity to fill. So I made a jig to indicate where the new filler had to go, removed the tank and sent it back to Concept Racing where they patched the old filler and grafted on a new filler neck on the opposite site with a rather smart Monza style cap. Concept also sent back a new sender as the original one was giving some very strange resistance readings on a multi meter. The new sender is now hooked up to the VDO gauge next to the tank and its working and calibrated to zero. So all I need to do now is go and buy 80 litres of fuel and program the Monit every 10 litres as I fill. I have also had the original tank treated by RENU so it stops clogging the filters with crap. So I hope that this is fuel and tanks finished.