December Drive

bulkheadWind WingsDecember Drive – Work has got in the way of progress on the car over the last month or so. It is in fact six weeks since I last drove the car, but most weekends I have spent one day down in the workshop.  I am gradually ticking jobs off the list. Having made a plywood template for the wind wings a few weeks ago, the wind wings were delivered last week. Bill McLaughlin had sent me a set of wind wing brackets and the new wing mirrors are now clear of where the wind wings sit. The fitting of the wind wings was a quick and painless affair, I trimmed 1.5mm double sided permanent adhesive pads between the glass and the brackets and the glass is drilled with holes so that I could use a cable tie as extra security through the glass and around the bracket. New bolts and nyloc nuts on the door panelsbrackets will also hopefully keep the wind wings on the car ! Lots of work with aluminium sheet and angle brackets saw a bulkhead come together to keep the aux tank out of sight from scrutineers, it was a perfect fit around the tank and looked great once sprayed with black Hammerite. I then set about making some panels for the inside of the front doors to create some storage on the drivers side and a large pocket for maps etc on the passenger side. Having fitted the wind wings and the aluminium panels I looked at the list for the next job and suddenly thought that it was so long since I driven the car it would be better to actually get out and do a few quick km. A good ten minutes on a forklift and I had moved enough pallets from between the car and the rear door of the warehouse to squeeze the car out. I did not have my normal winter driving clothes and it was rather cold in a light jacket ! I headed South into Surrey and did a quick 50km loop, the car is running like a dream. It was getting dark and raining hard for the last few km, the newly fitted wind wings make a big difference in reducing wind and keeping the rain out. Only problem was tha that the old 6 volt wiper motor has finally died, fortunately the windscreen is treated with Rainex so the car is drivable without the windscreen wiper. A replacement 12 volt wiper motor has been added to the job list.