Clunk ?!???!

Clunk ?!???! – Got the back of the car up on axle stands on the ramp with the front wheels well chocked. Tried to recreate the clunking noise that I had experienced pre Christmas without success. There is no noise coming from the drive train in 1st or 2nd gear and in 3rd the whole rattles and vibrates a fair amount, so it was impossible to detect anything. So I dropped the car back onto the ground and took it for a test drive, this proved interesting with 6″ of snow on the ground, still no sign of the clunk. It interesting to see how such a big heavy lump of a car behaved in tricky conditions and I quite enjoyed throwing it around and getting to feel what its like with the back stepping out. The car is remarkably well behaved when the back gets out of line, good to know as I’m sure this will happen on the rough stuff in Mongolia. I have a couple of trips lined up to visit RPS and go up to The Midlands to get the new “Endurance Rally Spec”exhaust fitted – we’ll see if the clunk reappears.

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