Wheels off to NZ

Wheels off to NZ – For a while I have been concerned about wheels, this is partly because they are now 80+ years old andWheel for NZbecause of the problems with the spoke splitting on one of the rears in the autumn. Options for re-spoking the wooden wheels in the UK were scarce, I found a wheelwright down in Devon, but he seemed to specialize in cart wheels. I was then recommended a chap down in Sussex, who certainly seemed up to the job, but he thought they would cost £500-600 per wheel – multiply that by five and it’s yet another nasty number. Since buying the car I have been in touch with various other 29 Buick owners around the world and one is James Webb in New Zealand who takes his car the annual Irishman’s Rally and judging by the pictures I’ve seen – this is quite a serious event. James had mentioned a chap in New Zealand that had done a great job re-spoking his wheels so he put me in touch with Vern at Aotearoa Wooden Wheels in Palmerston North. In turns out that I can DHL wheels to NZ, get them re-spoked by an expert and ship them back for about half what it would cost in the UK. So the first two wheels have had the hubs stripped out to minimize shipping weight and are off to NZ, should be turned around in a couple of weeks. Big thanks to James and Jane Webb for their help in organising this !

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