Exhausted !

Exhausted ! – Thursday night I went to collect the car from the workshop and drove up to London for an early start Friday morning. We were on the road by 6am on our way to Nottingham to visit P D Gough, a specialist exhaust fabricator, who can make exhausts in stainless or mild steel. For Peking to Paris we have been strongly urged Exhaustnot to use stainless for the exhausts as it is tricky to weld “in the field” – it proved very difficult to find a company that would still make a custom exhaust in mild steel as opposed to stainless. The journey up was miserable. Cold and wet – for the sake of speed we drove up the M1 – the car ran well, sitting comfortably at 85kph. On arrival the PD Gough team quickly stripped off the ropey old exhaust and giant Aussie silencer and set about making a new exhaust from manifold backwards with a flexible section built in at the front end. Within a couple of hours they had finished a great job, tucking the silencer up close to the floor and keeping the whole exhaust above the level of the front axle. We were pleasantly surprised by the noise the car makes with this new exhaust, not at all loud but a much better more “masculine” note than what Simon Ayris had referred to as the “peashooter”. P D Gough also supplied a full set of spares for the exhaust and a “snorkel” extension we can fit for river crossings. We stayed overnight in a small hotel and then drove back to London the following day. The car definitely has more power with the new exhaust which has had a knock on effect on speed as well – we sat on the A1 heading back South at 90-95kph with the car running beautifully. Days like this help build confidence – the car could not have run better and we covered 250km in good time.  Thanks to the boys at P D Gough for a great job and hanging back on their half day Friday to finish the job.