Magnificent Craftsmanship !

Magnificent Craftsmanship ! – Today the first respoked wheel arrived back from New Zealand. Vern Jensen of Aotearoa DSCN1192Wooden Wheels has done a sensational job, I am astonished at the quality of his work. Beautiful timber carefully chosen to make sure the spokes match each other. I gave it a light sand and applied the first coat of varnish thinned 50%, several more coats to go ! A second wheel is in transit, once we have done the Flying Scotsman and the car is back in the workshop to have some work done on the springs, the remaining three wheels will be sent out to New Zealand for Vern to do his magic. So the wheel problems are behind us, I feel very confident that these re-spoked wheels will last the distance from Peking to Paris – I did not expect them to look so good though.