Keeping the navigator happy

Keeping the navigator happy – Sunday afternoon down in the workshop, trying to tick off a few jobs in time for the Scotsman. wiperThe car used to have a single 6volt wiper on the drivers side, this was run on a small transformer after the conversion to 12volts. But this very old 6volt wiper died – it had had an easy life whilst in Queensland, Australia but could not cope with the workload of an English wiper. I replaced it with a 12volt unit that works well and means that I can leave the wiper on, rather than the occasional flick on/off to clear the windscreen. Julie then suggested that it might be a good idea for her to be able to see the road/signs etc when it’s raining. So today I fitted a second wiper on the passenger side. The wiper arms require serious modification because the Buick has such a narrow screen – I have to reduce the length of the arms by about 35mm. Both wipers run off a single switch on the drivers side, at least now the navigator can’t use the lack of a wiper as an excuse for nav errors !

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