Disaster Strikes !

disasterDisaster Strikes ! – This weekend we had planned to go down to Hampshire meet up with Chris and Mark in their Model A do a bit of work on the cars on Saturday and then meet up with some friends of Mark’s who all have serious 4 x 4 and go and do some “green lanes”. Green lanes are public byways where you still have the right to drive a vehicle, some of which require a serious off road vehicle to get through – the idea was to put the vintage cars through their paces off road. I planned to take it easy on Benson as the Flying Scotsman (Brooklands to Edinburgh) starts this coming Friday. Friday evening on the way down to Hampshire I stopped for fuel about 10km from Chris’s house – on restarting the car I was enveloped in a big cloud of white smoke. At first I thought that the car had flooded and excess fuel was the cause of the smoke – closer examination with Chris and Mark once I had arrived showed the horrible sight of water droplets on the dipstick – head gasket blown !!!! So Sunday morning the car was recovered back to the RPS workshop in Witney and I took the train back to my workshop, found a new head gasket and then drove up to Witney to deliver it. Simon hopes that Neil and Christian should have the head off by mid morning on Monday and we will then know if its “just a new head gasket” or worse – fingers crossed ! Simon is however confident that Benson will be starting the Flying Scotsman at 10am on Friday morning at Brooklands race track.