Ready for Scotsman

Ready for Scotsman ! – After some frantic work by the team at RPS, we will make the start line at Brooklands tomorrow morning. Big thank you to Simon, Bill, Andy and Christian at RPS for the efforts repairing the various problems this week. The head was removed, skimmed and refitted with Wellseal and a new gasket, two small holes in header tank of rad were braised/repaired and a small piece of dirt in the back of the alternator was found to be the cause of the intermittent charging fault. A new problem appeared yesterday, the rewound 12v starter motor burnt out – this means that two generators and one starter that were rewound have now burnt out – big question mark on the work of the supplier here !!! Benson is currently fitted with an old 6v starter, whilst we resolve issue with 12v – just need to be careful and crank in short bursts. I took the train up to Oxford last night and had a very cold drive back to London, car running well, engine seems a little tight and the exhaust note has changed. Small problem with coolant overflow pipe caught on top of engine mount, this meant that the inevitable overflow after refilling blew up through the bonnet louvres all over the wing and windscreen – bucket and sponge required at lunch time. Leave for Brooklands this evening, overnight in a local hotel and up early for scrutineering at 7am followed by a run up the measured mile to recalibrate the Monits to miles. Start is at 10am – very exciting !

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