Flying Scotsman Day 2

day 2

Flying  Scotsman Day 2 – The start was at the hotel heading up through the flat agricultural county of Lincolnshire. We crossed the Humber suspension bridge, the fifth largest single span suspension bridge in the world with a coffee stop on the other side. The car had started to run a bit hot and when we stopped we discovered another leak from the copper overflow pipe at the top of the rad. Fortunately Simon was on hand to help with a temporary repair with body filler, Julie checked out of the time control on time but we left around 15 minutes late. We had to drive hard to make up time, but this was tricky with the brakes performing well below par and we were already into hilly Yorkshire, the lunch stop was at Eden Camp a genuine prisoner of war camp in WW2 – a slightly sore point with some of the German competitors. At lunch I planned to tighten the brakes but quickly discovered a clevis pin missing on the front nearside brake, feeling really daft for not realising this earlier Simon and I fashioned a replacement with bolt and a couple of nuts. We got away more or less on time, finally with the brakes working, but the afternoon was spent working our way through North Yorkshire, truly beautiful countryside but too many hills ! The brake pedal was already close to the floor and some of the descents were unpleasant requiring low gear and hand brake to control speed – after one very long descent we arrived at a time control with smoke pouring off the rear brakes. By the end of the afternoon we had started to get the hang of the jogularity tests – difficult at first. Day 2 ended to the North of Darlington, the evening was spent adjusting the brakes, curing a sticky hand throttle and RPS re-torqued the head as we had already covered 550 miles since the head gasket was replaced. Day 2 we had added 19.16 minutes of penalties, taking the total 30.25 mins and we were in 23rd place overall.