Flying Scotsman Day 3

final dayFlying  Scotsman Day 3 – The final day of the Scotsman started from the Shildon Railway Museum a few miles from the hotel with a short run on roads to a timed Test around cones – this sort of test is rather unfair on a large heavy tourer like the Buick, but we did our best a pulled out a respectable time. There was then a short road section to a private road where we had to complete an impossible 1/2 mile in 1 min, including a passage control en route ! It was at this point that we finally realised that the Monit rally computer in front of Julie was not reading right, we made a couple of errors missing turns and then noticed that it was displaying a different distance to the Monit in front of me, there after we had to use the Monit in front of the driver, that Julie cannot see, with me having to reset intervals mid turn – as if pulling an 80 year old car round corners was not hard enough work ! Several more jogularities and map reading tests with castlea good lunch at Langley castle. The afternoon turned into one of the best drives of our lives, we headed up into the Scottish Borders through breathtaking countryside – as the rally organiser said in the briefing “this route just gets better an better”. Benson was running like a clock, roaring up hills and no longer a problem going downhill with well adjusted brakes – pressing modern cars to get out of the way so we could get to Edinburgh as quickly as possible. We rolled to the finish with massive grins on our faces after a really difficult day for Julie, without a rally clock and had only added 10.56 mins of penalties taking our total to around 41 mins.