Long Drive Home

Long Drive Home – Early start, quick check over the car and away by 0630 – 400 miles back to London, driving alone as Julie had flown back for work. Within 25 miles I started having problems overheating and stopped after a long uphill drag and as soon as I stopped moving the temp gauge went off the scale and water was coming out of the radiator cap. Waited for the car to cool and then refilled the rad, this was to prove to be the pattern of the day. At the next stop Charlie and Nellie in their Vauxhall 30/98 stopped to see if they could help, we decided to remove the thermostat – this did not make any difference. The car would run OK for around 50 miles, then the temperature would start to creep up, I would stop, let the car cool for 5 minutes, add half a gallon of water and set off again. I could see a the small leak from the top of the rad was dripping, as was the water pump – but the concern was the engine was “consuming” water with more head gasket problems. Eventually, after terrible traffic I made it back to London after 14 hours on the road.

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