First Wheel Drilled

drill wheels First Wheel Drilled – After a set of detailed instructions from Vern Jensen the wheelwright in New Zealand I set about drilling the first wheel to fit the hub/drum. I was slightly worried about doing this, as there’s no room for error and screwing one up would mean sending it back to New Zealand to be respoked again ! The hub dropped into place in the wheel with minimal persuassion from a rubber hammer, the holes for the bolts that secure the hub/wheel/drum should fall on the joins between the spokes. I rotated the hub through 360 degrees to find the best position for the hub where the majority of the holes would fall bang on the join. The hub was then clamped in place and two holes on opposite side of the hub drilled all the way through. I wanted to do this with a drill press, but the size of the wheel made this impossible, so it had to be done with a hand held drill on a bench trying my best to keep the drill perfectly vertical. It was then a case of working two of the coach bolts through the hub/spoke/drum and securing with nuts. Then the remaining 10 holes were drilled half way through from each side – this ensures that the holes line up perfectly with the holes in the hub and drum. A quick dry fit and all 12 bolts pushed into place, no need for a hammer ! Then started the boring process of shortening all the hub bolts by about 4mm each so they will not foul with the handbrake shoes inside the drum.

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