RPS Flying Visit

rps workshopRPS Flying Visit – On the way back from a meeting I was passing close to Witney, so stopped at RPS to check up on progress. Benson is stuck in a corner up on axle stands with no wheels, no springs and no rear diff. The rad is back in the car and shows signs of some work around the header tank – Simon assures me that they have run the car hard since the rad went back in and there were no signs of overheating of water loss. There were no tell tale patches of water under the car – so fingers crossed these problems are behind us. I still want to put some hard miles on the car when it gets back on the road. On the floor by the car are a set of brand new springs, making new springs proved only marginally more expensive than re-tempering the old ones, given the punishment the springs will take, it was a simple decision to go for the new option. An extra leaf was added to the springs so some new axle brackets will have to be made up.