3 wheels

Wheels back in the UK – Great news ! The New Zealand Post Office and Parcelforce have excelled themselves, the doom mongers were saying it might take 2-3 weeks to clear the backlog of parcels that built up whilst European airspace was shut by a small puff of Icelandic volcanic ash. Reality is that the last three wheels made it back to the UK much quicker than the first two, when there were no problems ! Vern Jenson, the Kiwi wheelwright sent a note saying that he had noticed during building the new spokes that one of the rear wheels was a little out of alignment, so we will use this as the spare. I have wasted no time, unpacked them, quick sand then a vacuum and the first of six coats of varnish went on this evening. Once again extraordinary craftsmanship by Vern – the new spokes are a work of art. Thanks Vern for your excellent and speedy work – much appreciated.