Wheels Finished

Front Wheel2Wheels Finished – Having finished six coats of varnish on the last three wheels to return from New Zealand, it was a very long day in the workshop on Saturday drilling them and fitting the hubs and bearings. The drilling was a little concerning, one error and I’d have to send the wheel back to NZ for another set of spokes. The process is relatively simple, first thing was to mark up where the spokes join with a marker pen to try and ensure the bolts pass through the join, rather than the meat of the spoke. I then used a press to push the hubs into the wheels, then very carefully drill two holes, trying to keep the drill perfectly vertical – the wheels are too big to put on a drill press. With two holes drilled I then bolted on the drum, with the hub and drum perfectly married up I then drilled the rest of the holes – half way from each side. Then the drums were bolted on using Nordlok washers and locktite, final job was cleaning off all the bearings and repacking them with Amsoil waterproof/high temperature grease. Sunday was a drive up to the RPS workshop to refit the wheels, I could only fit the front wheels as the rear diff is still out of the car waiting on a set of bearings for the propshaft. Whilst there I also did a few other jobs, the aim is to have the car finished at RPS in a couple of weeks. The program then is for some quick hard miles to make sure the overheating problems are fully resloved.