Pop goes another head gasket

head offPop goes another head gasket – I called Simon at RPS to tell him of the overheating episode, they were bemused as they had run the car hard after the repaired rad was refitted and had no temperature issues, having discussed it with his colleagues we decided to try exchanging the mechanical water pump for an electrical back up and see if it made any difference. On Sunday morning I ran the car without any changes first of all and the temperature gauge climbed and the car overheated, so I let it cool, then stripped off the mechanical water pump and rigged up an electric water pump running from a battery on the running board. Ran the car again and whilst it took a lot longer to overheat – overheat it did. Simon asked Christian to come down to the workshop Monday morning and he quickly established that the head gasket that was replaced about 2000km ago pre Scotsman had blown. No apparent distortion to the block or head, so he departed with the rad (leaking yet again) and the head.