Running Again

Running Again – Another early start for Christian at RPS who drove down to my workshop with the “unsiezed” distributor, refitted it to the car, check the valve clearance and then fired up the engine. He ran the engine for an hour and the temperature gauge was exactly where it should be and there were no water leaks from rad or water pump. He then retorqued the head. I am really hoping that this is now the end of the overheating/head gasket problems, I will put some gentle miles on the car over the weekend to try and reassure myself and regain some lost confidence in the car. The car leaves in six weeks, so time is very much against us. I also need to get my head down and start ticking off jobs from what has become a very long list waiting on the car’s return. Forecast is for good weather this weekend, so I think I will head off to Chris’s in Hampshire and check on progress on his Model A – I will try and get 250 miles onto the car over the weekend and cross off at least some of the jobs on the list !