Peking to Paris ? Can’t manage Peckham to Putney !

water overheatPeking to Paris ? Can’t manage Peckham to Putney ! – Friday afternoon I set off to put some miles on the car with its new head gasket, the orders were plenty of miles and low revs. It was a very hot afternoon, around 30 degrees, and within 7.5km in fairly light traffic the temperature gauge was climbing into the danger area, so I stopped the car and the usual boil over into the header tank happened. Long chat with Simon at RPS and we agreed that I should remove the thermostat again, had to wait for a while for the engine to cool sufficiently to be able to work on it. Thermostat removed topped up with water, I set off again, but just 4km down the road the same thing happened. Paranoid about damaging the head again, I turned around and headed back to the workshop – I had to stop three times to let the car cool down. Very depressing round trip of 25km in 3 hours.