Saturday’s Ray of Hope

Saturday’s Ray of Hope – Spent Saturday in the workshop, Julie graced the workshop with a visit to start sorting through and listing spares and all the bits and pieces we need to take. Flushed out the cooling system for good measure and then ran the car for a while, seemed OK. Refilled the steering box with EP600 as it has started leaking since the car returned from RPS. I cannot establish where it is leaking from, so I tightened all the bolts, hoping this would cure it. I also fitted a new tyre to the spare wheel, this really is a painful job ! Then adapted the rear luggage rack so that the second spare wheel fits behind the first. Then left the workshop and drove the car up to London ready for the trip to Banbury on Sunday – watched the temperature gauge like a hawk and was pleasantly surprised that for the short 11km drive to London in patchy traffic the temperature did not rise above 85. Maybe things are looking up ?