Reduced to Tears !

Reduced to Tears ! – Sunday dawned with the threat of rain. Checked fluids on the car before departing to deliver the car to Adam Barmby who needs to finish and fit the tonneau cover, Adam’s workshop is near Banbury, around 130km from London. Benson had deposited a small patch of EP600 on the ground, so the leak from the steering box is not resolved. Things started well, crossing the Thames and heading up through South Kensington to the A4 and then out onto the M4. The temperature gauge hovered around 85-90 all the way out of London but as soon as the revs increased the gauge started its depressing move to the right. I stopped at the first services and checked the water level, which was fine and took a load of readings with the infra red thermometer, the car was hot, but not dangerously so. I then left the motorway and took A roads, I had to stop several times to let the car cool down and topped up the radiator each time. On two occasions I had the pleasure of the full Buick boil over when I stopped as the water increases in temperature by 5-10 degrees when it stops circulating. All in all it was a very depressing afternoon, 5 hours to cover just 130km ! The worst thing is that the overheating issues that I had hoped were maybe behind us are clearly not and time is very much against as the car has to eave for China in 4 weeks. Next steps ? Not really sure, I have a sneaking feeling that the head gasket has probably gone again. Tonight I can’t help thinking that the engine is going to have to come out. Really really pissed off !