Monday – The Plan

Monday – The Plan – First call this morning was to Autosportif and a long chat with Howard who rebuilt the engine last year, I talked him through the history of the overheating problems and blown head gaskets. His view was the first thing to look at should be the radiator, in fairness to Chris and Mark (Model A – P to P) following similar problems with their car they have been saying for a couple of weeks that I should take a close look at the rad for blocked tubes. Chris even emailed me an article from Classic &  Sports Car about a Aaron Radiators – a classic radiator rebuilder in Croydon. A chat with Simon at RPS followed, they had discussed the problem first thing and were trying to think of the next step, I explained Howard’s thoughts and we agreed that the best and quickest course of action was to get the rad from the Sedan down to Aaron ASAP. I drove down to the workshop, picked up the Sedan rad and then on to Aaron, after begging, pleading and promising to put their logo on the car they agreed to get this rad recored with a modern Z core for collection Friday. I will then take it up to Banbury on Saturday and fit it to the car – I will know within 30 minutes if the radiator was the problem. Watch this space !