Perfect Day !!!!!!

porsche seatsPerfect Day !!!!!!  – Early start to get up to Banbury and fit the rad. Aussie Dave from work drove me up in return for the train/cab fare and saved the hassle to transporting rad and some tools on the train. We got there just after 9, there being Adam Barmby’s workshop – Adam had fitted the new seats during the week and then started work on the tonneau cover, which was delayed by the changing the seats. Adam and his father John have done a great job on the seats, so Benson now sports a very comfortable pair of Porsche seats. The Courbeau seats that were in the car became uncomfortable after a few hours. Adam and John managed to drop my seat by about 20mm which makes a big difference, I am no longer looking at the top of the windscreen. Aussie Dave was supposed to head straight back to London, but offered to give me a hand. We pulled the car out of the workshop into the sun, removed the bonnet, drained the new radcoolant and had the old rad out in about 15 minutes. We had a nervous moment checking that the “new” rad would fit into the rad surround and then the car – small problem with the brackets on the bottom of the rad not lining up with the rad surround – so we cut them off, they don’t really do anything as the rad is bolted to the surround in 8 places. With the “new”rad in place we refitted the bonnet, one hinge needs some work as the mounting on the new rad seems to be 10mm forward of the old one. Filled with water and fired up the old man, reassuring constant noise of water circulating when you put your ear to the top of the rad. Put the tools away, packed the car and then headed out to carry out a proper test …… Initially it looked good, the temperature gauge was rising slowly, after 15 tempminutes and a good run at around 70kph things were looking better, gauge still only at 60 degrees. I pressed on, determined to get the car hotter, just waiting for the inevitable. But it didn’t happen, even stopping and leaving the car to idle after a long run on dual carriageway – the gauge ticked up to 80, but when I started driving again it soon dropped to 60 again. So with an enormous sense of relief it seems that 6 weeks of misery are now behind us and the horrible looking “Z” core rad has cured the monitproblem. The old rad, (that was not that old, it was recored when the engine was rebuilt) must have some blocked tubes, this radiator has leaked for a large portion of it’s rebuilt life and was supposedly back flushed when it went back to the supplier recently …..   Having convinced myself that the car was not going to overheat I headed South from Banbury with a massive grin on my face, stopping at Chris’s in Hampshire to share the good news. By the time I got back to London I had covered just shy of 250km without a hitch, the car didn’t even go above 65 degrees in heavy traffic coming back into London – What a great day !