Only 4 weeks to go

Only 4 weeks to go – The car ships to China in just 4 weeks time. So with the cooling problem behind us, it is now time to press racetechon with some of the other jobs on the list. Today was mainly spent on gauges, I have removed the Smiths Oil/Water and Fuel gauges and replaced them with separate Temp and Pressure Racetech gauges -these give a much more accurate reading and don’t bounce around like the Smiths gauges. Having stolen the place of the fuel gauge for the oil pressure gauge I now need to work a solution for the fuel gauge for the rear tank, this is closely linked to whether or not we can get the Monit TC200 rally computer to perform it’s fuel gauge function for the AUX tank – which it steadfastly refuses to do at present – I wasted a good two hours taking resistance readings from the AUX tank sender in various different places, but the readings are the same at the sender and at the TC200. I have just emailed Monit in New Zealand and hope to get something back from that I can work on this week.