Give me a break ?!?!?!?

Give me a break  ?!?!?!?  – To try and get some of the jobs crossed of the long list and with time very much against us, I am head bolttrying to get down to the workshop for at least a couple of evenings each week after work. Tonight the main task was to re-torque the head after all the recent issues with the car getting hotter than it should. I took off the rocker cover, followed by the rocker assembly so that I could get to the head bolts. With the tightening sequence in hand I then tried to tighten head bolt no.1 …. with the first pull on the torque wrench, I got a horrible sinking feeling because the bolt seemed loose and turned too easily in the depressing soft fashion of a stripped thread. Removal of the bolt brought out a pieces of thread from the block – in the picture you can see pieces of thread in the bottom right. It’s just one problem after another !!!