Weekend Works

Weekend Works – Graced with Julie’s presence we went down to the workshop. Julie started packing spares and recording everything going into the car and where it will “live” – so we can find it in a hurry. We fitted a front bonnet hinge from the Sedan at the back of the bonnet, as the recently fitted rad seems to have shifted the front hinge forwards by 5mm, but the front hinges from the Sedan is 5mm longer than the rear hinge on the car, so resolves the problem. We also trimmed and fitted new rubber mats to the floor, we decided to fit these on top of the original mat. On Sunday I removed the water pump and stripped it completely and repacked the shaft with new packing and ZX grease – I could not run the pump in and adjust as I can’t start the engine, the adjustment and tightening process will have to be done once the engine is running again. Final job was to follow a long set of instructions from Monit in New Zealand to troubleshoot the fuel gauge side of the T-200. Careful measurement of the large AUX tank and the sender revealed that the sender does not “get wet” until there is circa 12 litres of fuel in the tank. Then rigged up a positive feed to the tank sender with a 300 ohm resistor in line to mimic a fuel gauge. Then I pumped out fuel into jerry cans and the tried a fuel calibration when re-adding the fuel to the tank, managing to cover myself in fuel in the process. Various voltage readings were taken during the process and sent back to Monit – the TC-200 still refused to calibrate !