Benson ready to collect

Benson ready to collect – RPS have sorted the pulled thread, in the end the block was drilled out and re-threaded and then a one off stud was made that fits this new oversize thread in the block and threaded at the top for a nut. Yet another early start to get a train and taxi up to RPS in Witney. Simon had asked me to garb a couple of spares from the Sedan as a rocker adjusting screw had broken on them and one of the steering wheel mounted levers also needed swapping. I arrived at RPS at 8.30, in need of coffee. Andy set to work and replaced the broken rocker adjuster and then the hand throttle lever, whilst I ran through the planned list of spares and repair kit for the rally with Simon. By midday I was on my way back to London, the car seemed to be running quite hot, but it was a hot day and this was the first time I had driven the car with the new Racetech temp gauge, so not possible to compare temperatures with the previous Smiths gauge. I stopped once at the end of the M4 entering London, when the gauge climbed to just above 90 degrees and fully expected a boil over, but nothing happened – just “Buick Head Gasket Paranoia” !

Great work by RPS to turn the car around in three days, given the pressure they are under trying to get all their client’s cars ready for the imminent shipping deadlines. Thanks to Simon, Bill, Andy & Christian (again !)