Penultimate Weekend Before Shipping

runboxPenultimate Weekend  Before ShippingJulie graced the workshop with one of her very rare visits to start looking at how we pack and label all the kit speakergoing into the car, whilst she sorted and created an inventory spreadsheet I concentrated on getting a few things crossed off the list. First job was to strip off the brake bands so I can get them up to Saftek for relining – whilst there is plenty of meat left on them I want to start the rally with a new set of linings plus the relined spare set from the Sedan. Proved a good move, as the rear nearside had lots of oil all over the drum/band, so a big clean up required before refitting. I then got quite close to finishing the tool box that will sit on the nearside running board – this will hold all the jacks and wheel changing/puncture gear. Purists skip the following ! I was very surprised a few weeks back on a visit to see Chris that he had fitted the Model A with a sound system. I decided that this was an absolute must to try and relieve the monotony of long long days behind the wheel, but fitting “in car entertainment” to a 1929 car is not obvious. After a lot of research I decided on an amp that will be fed by an iPod and for speakers I opted for waterproof speakers you would usually find on a boat. The speakers fit quite nicely on the ends of the top box and don’t stand out too much and I fabricated an aluminium “rack” alongside ampthe AUX fuel tank for the amp. I had one small disaster as I went to turn it on for the first time, after a few seconds smoke everywhere and all the insulation and spiral loom melting – killed the main isolator and spent an hour trying to work out what I had done wrong – nothing ! It was the brand new bloody switch from Halfords that was shorting the circuit. So a good three hours were wasted recreating the wiring again and feeding through the car – time I could have used for other things. I did consider canning the whole idea, but on reflection, thought that we would probably appreciate those three hours once on the rally.