Marathon Four Days

Marathon Four Days – I took Friday and Monday off work to have a final blitz on getting the car DSCN1398done. Friday the first job was the refitting of the relined brake bands, this is already a painful job, but was made more painful by the marks I had put on the bands to ensure they went back on the same wheel being shotblasted off by the company that relined the bands ! The refitting and adjusting of the brake bands took most of the day and come the evening I drove the car out of the workshop to see how the brakes worked and discovered that the pedal just went down to the floor and the brakes did not come on at all – so Saturday morning was spent re-adjusting and test driving several times until they were working – very pleased to move on to the next job.

DSCN1411The running board box was next on the list, the carcass was constructed from 9mm marine ply by Aussie Dave, I had to fit the dividers, hardware and paint. Once finished it was fitted to the car with bolts going down to the running board brackets that come off the chassis. This box is great, it takes all the wheel changing equipment and removes a load of weight from the locker area.

Next was the new fuel gauge for the original tank – having “stolen” its slot to split the temp/pressureDSCN1395 twin gauge into two separate gauges. Really tight on space and in the end I put into a pod on the steering column – I can’t actually see it without leaning forwards, but I don’t need to look at it too often and Julie can see it clearly.Then I moved onto the tonneau cover, this needed some poppers fitting and will help keep the weather out overnight – we hope to do the rally with the roof down.