Route Books

Starting to feel too real ! – Looked at the diary this morning just three full weeks left ! The last week is made up of a Bank Holiday Monday, two final days in the office, Thursday off, fly to Beijing on Friday (4th Sept) Unbelievable how two years has just evaporated, just 35 days until the start. It has alwaysroute book seemed such a long way off and the preparation of the car so intense, the rally itself was never actually in mind and feels slightly surreal. Another reality check arrived in the post this week, three thick route books together with a map book, the pages are not laminated like they were for the Scotsman and each book must contain 80+ pages. Very little to do in terms of prep now, we need to pick up a few final personal items and have a good look through the route books and annotate them with Julie’s code to make sure we don’t miss hazards or get caught out by two tulips that are very close together. Travcour have completed all our visas except Turkmenistan, which they hope to do next week and we have an appointment next week at the Iranian Embassy for finger-printing etc to get the Iranian visa. Once we get the passports back, we’ll make copies of all the visas and lock them in the safe as without them we can’t go !!!