Arrived in Beijing

Julie and I flew overnight from London and arrived in Beijing this morning, comfortable flight, but did not sleep much so both feeling whacked ! First impressions of Beijing ….. Hot ! Sweaty ! traffic, crazy driving and the smog that blankets the city. Checked into a great hotel on the other side of the city for three days before we transfer to the “Rally HQ” on Tuesday – the plan is to rest up, adjust to the time zone and do a bit of sight seeing.

Julie says ……. so tired.  Dark shadows under eyes have decided to add a rather lovely layering effect – double bags.  Super.  Considering that my luggage on this rally is limited, seems slightly unfair.   Hotel is amazing – anywhere that rips up a bill after a few cocktails gets my vote for a return visit.   Definitely ready for a long, restful nights sleep.  Here’s hoping.