5 September 10

I am Clare, Tim’s sister, and this is just a quick post to say hello to all of the people that are following Tim & Julie’s incredible adventure. Once the rally starts I will be updating the blog each day for them from here in the UK.

Tim or Julie will be in contact daily to let us all know how they have got on and how Benson has risen to the challenges of the previous 24 hours of the rally route.

Each post will be titled with the date and the details of the stage completed and the total mileage to date so it will be easy to see at a glance how far they have got.

As any of you that read this blog regularly will know it’s taken a huge amount of time, dedication, blind faith, hard work and even harder cash to get Benson ready for this epic journey. I’m sure you’ll all want to join me in wishing Tim, Julie and all the other participants the best of luck for the coming weeks. Have a fantastic trip!