Morning Swim

06.09.10 / Morning Swim – Julie

After two more nights of interrupted sleep, I decided that a swim would help try revive me.  I arrived to find the very cool and contemporary pool completely empty other than a photoshoot taking place of a beautiful, young, chinese girl …….. completely naked.

As I swam my lengths in that very British way, looking straight ahead, Miss China flounced in and out of the pool following instructions, hands above your head, legs ………….  they are not very shy, these models.   After a while it all got a bit too much to bear – the idea was to try and make myself feel better and having some young picture of perfection parading around with the photographer constantly moving the lens to get me out of the picture, was not doing the trick.

Back to the room, past the pool reception where a  couple were clearly not seeing eye to eye.   I think he was slightly distracted when he arrived for a swim earlier than his wife.    So distracted he did not see her coming.

Think I will try a walk tomorrow.