Floods In Beijing

Floods In Bejing 6/09/10 – Julie

Whether it was the concern over leaving my new job, realisation of the gaping hole in preparation for this rally of Tim’s two years vs my occasional glance at rally documentation and sporadic visit to the workshop, or sheer exhaustion,tonight it all got too much and I could not stop big, fat tears falling.   Not a sight that went down well with our fellow diners but I was beyond caring.

We heard from Yin Chia from the Compassion for Migrant Children today.   Education in Beijing is only offered to local families so the children of the poorest of the poor, who migrate in from the country are offered no education at all.  CMC has already made good inroads into changing all of that and the ALMT have made generous contributions to help achieve this goal.  Given our obligations to getting ready for the rally, Tim will not be able to make it but I hope that tomorrow I can visit one of the schools and meet the children.