Collecting the Cars

Reunited with Benson 8/09/10.  Julie entry

Today really the beginning of the adventure with 240 participants coached to somewhere god only knows to be reunited with their cars after 2 months.  Slow progress firstly due to a delay in collecting our chinese licenses due to a last minute order from the Chinese authorities that we have a health and safety briefing before departure.  Enlightening comments such as do not drink and drive, go over the speed limit took 90 mins of waiting and 5 mins of delivery.  Bandannered translator misled us all to believe we were about to be lectured on drugs.   Further delay due to the fact that the coach drivers kept getting lost, ironic given that they had 120 GPS systems in the clutches of their passengers!

Amazing sight to behold – a large warehouse crammed with everything from Rolls Royces, Bentleys down to a little old Buick who did us proud and started first time.  First accident of the trip within 30 seconds as I managed to get my thumb caught getting the roof down – blood spurted overwhere – ok, was a little drop.  Off we pootled down the road with thumbs up from passers by.  First stop fuel – 30 mins wait.  First problem – Benson would not start.  After a pushstart off we went on a very slow, traffic ridden trip back to the hotel.  Temperature rose horribly in standstill traffic but mostly ok at 85.   Made it back to the hotel.  Tim said to write that my navigating was great so I’ll take the few compliments where I can!

Back at the hotel, Benson failed to start again.  Whittled problem down to the starter motor – not a great start.  3 1/2 hours later (9:00 pm) we are in the running again.  Loose, broken washer was shorting the motor when starter pressed.  New fibre washer made and fitted.  Another slight problem was that the feed to rear fuel gauge had “earthed out” and 3 meter cable melted – nice little fire starter should you be looking for one.   End of day, exhausted but hopeful.

Julie Note:  What I can only loosely describe as new “clothes” and I not really getting on that well.  When they said “quick to dry” they did not mention “quick to wet”.  I will glow constantly.  Due to the days events, I did not manage to make it to CMC.  Am hoping to do so tomorrow – fingers crossed but it is a busy day with scrutineering, packing the car and a very long briefing.