Day 1 Fri 10th Sept – Peking to Daihai (China) – 472 km

Day 1   Fri 10th Sept – Peking to Daihai   (China)  – 472 km

Haven’t heard from Tim and Julie today yet but if Skytag is to believed Benson is in Daihai at the end of the first day of the rally. Interestingly the mileage seems to differ between the different Sky-tagged cars even if they are all shown to be in a shared current location. Benson’s mileage is currently showing at 338km which is low compared to some of the other cars. So either Julie did some really ****hot navigating or the comparative mileage is not accurate (?) As you can see from post title this is down as a 472 km stage but again Skytag is showing them at the stage destination. Will post more when I know more!

The joys of insomnia! Have just picked up a crystal clear voice mail from Julie calling on the sat phone sounding really upbeat for the start of day 2.

Yesterday, especially the actual start was both incredibly exciting and somewhat overwhelming.  Benson ran really well all day. First stretch of about 100 kms was on a hot and very busy express way full of trucks to dodge in and out of. They then moved on to rural roads passing through incredibly beautiful countryside and small villages. Lots of children running out to wave. What a thrill to be going about your normal day to then look up to see one of these beautiful cars.  No mechanical problems all day but they still arrived at the hotel in Daihai feeling pretty shattered. Also feeling sad that some friends have had problems and only got 12kms out of Beijing – difficult to imagine how gutted they must feel but hopefully will be able to rejoin shortly. I guess that has to be everyone’s worst nightmare.

On a lighter note after her first encounter with a Chinese toilet (with no toilet paper) Julie has decided that she will be holding on until they reach their destination each day. Side bets anyone?

Great to hear that they have got off to a clear start.