Day 2 Sat 11th Sept – Daihai to Erenhot (China) – 508 km

Day 2   Sat 11th Sept – Daihai to Erenhot   (China)  – 508 km

Another good day for Benson although some of you might have noticed that the Skytag stopped working for 5 hours from 1.20pm local time and showed them as being stuck North of Hohhot for several hours. Pleased to report that this was not in fact the case. We might have to take the Skytag monitoring with a pinch of salt.

Hairy moment mixed a suicidal sheep with brakes that are not the best in the world. A few swerves and both beast and Benson survived unscathed. Not so the Bentley that colided with a tuc tuc causing it to take off and “fly through the air like a tin can” (the tuc tuc that is). Luckily no-one was seriously injured. Seems an inevitable outcome with 8 lanes of traffic and traffic cops that direct you into the path of the oncoming traffic.

Benson was runnning a bit hot but did well considering the route covered a series of long inclines. Other than some small niggles and the routine maintenance you would expect all is well. However from tomorrow things will start to get much tougher.