Day 4 Mon 13th Sept – Sainshand to Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia) – 436 km

Day 4   Mon 13th Sept – Sainshand to Ulaan Baatar   (Mongolia)  – 436 km

After a bad nights sleep (the camp site was right by the railway track with industrial trains thundering past every half hour) they were up at 6.00am to decamp and prepare for another day of driving. Whilst others are making the most of the sun to top up their tans Julie continues to cover up and has now been noted as one of the palest in the group! The remoteness and beauty of the surroundings is amazing but it’s a pretty hard slog doing 8 hours of driving through the desert. It’s not just navigating the dusty tracks that takes its toll, it’s the constant vigilance needed to avoid the sudden bumps and dips that could irrevocably damage Benson.

They eventually emerged from the desert to hit tarmac for a 120 km straight road, a relief after all of the detailed navigation but  also somewhat conducive to sleep so Tim took some pro plus to keep himself awake until they arrived safely at the hotel in Ulaan Baatar. Another great day ending with a bed to sleep in and a rest day to look forward to.